Terms & Conditions

Hills Billy Cart Festivals Inc (HBCI) is a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.

  1. Potential Competitors;
  • The Entry Fee is per cart, irrespective of the number of drivers.
  • The Entry fee is not a guarantee that the cart will be allowed to race. The cart must ultimately meet technical requirements and the competitors must wear compliant personal protective equipment. Checking with the self-assessment checklist and attending scrutineering sessions prior to race day will help to avoid any disappointment.
  • After acceptance of your entry fee and confirmation that you have been accepted to proceed then no refunds will be given if you subsequently decide to withdraw.
  • If the race is over-subscribed then your fee will be returned in full once the maximum number of entrants is reached. We operate on the basis of  first in  / best dressed.
  • If the race is cancelled for any reason beyond the control of the organisers then you will receive an entry voucher for a subsequent event.
  • Each competitor and spectator is responsible for their own safety and HBCI does not carry any insurance for injury  Competitors wishing for personal injury cover will need to organise their own insurance.

Billy Cart racing may be dangerous but  the organisers make every attempt to minimise the possibility of harm to both competitors and spectators.

  1. Merchandise;

HBCI carries a small range of merchandise that may be purchased by competitors and the general public.

  • The purchase prices may vary over time and current prices are advertised at the point of purchase.
  • Most purchases will be on a face to face basis, on-line purchases will be quoted individually
  • Clearly faulty goods will be replaced free of charge but HBCI only give cash refunds at our absolute discretion.
  • We will not replace goods that have been worn by the purchaser.