Ultimately you are responsible for your own safety but the organisers make every attempt to minimize risk.

  • competitors have access to information to build a safe cart and while we encourage weird and wacky designs they must still be safe;


  • provide build specifications
  • check them (scrutineering) to make sure that they conform to the build specifications,
  • encourage competitors to trial them out after build
  • insist that the competitors have adequate personal protective equipment,
  • will not allow carts to race that do not pass scrutineering
  • use barriers to separate the public from the competitors
  • brief all competitors prior to the start
  • ensure that they have time to practice without pressure
  • have first aid and an ambulance on stand-by whenever competing
  • have hay bales to slow carts across the track in case the brakes fail

BUT competitors or their parents (over 18) must sign a disclaimer before they are allowed to start. It is important to note that competitors are NOT covered by the organisers insurance for any injury or damage incurred when taking part. Like any sport participation is at your own risk.