Stall Holders/Vendors


Stall Holders/Vendors
Billy Carts bring back many memories of simple outdoor fun with thrills and spills for everyone involved.
Come along and enjoy the friendly Mount Helena hospitality in picturesque natural surroundings.
Be apart of this great ‘turn back time’ event and hold a market style food/produce stall, demonstration, display or activity.

Please email Expressions of Interest to

• All stallholders must have Public Liability Insurance.
• Ground space is allocated at the discretion of the Hills Billy Carts Inc. Stall holders must bring their own gazebos.
• The size of the space booked must be adequate to accommodate the entire stall, including items such as ropes to secure gazebos.
• There is No charge for Not-for-Profit Organisations

SAND BAGS/ROPES: all stall holders MUST provide their own sand bags or similar to secure structure.
LIMITED POWER ON SITE: please bring your own power source, extension cords and power boards (with current certificates attached).
CONSUMABLES: all plates, cups etc used must be compostable material i.e. no non-recyclable plastic.
VEHICLES: are to be removed from the area by 9:00am and will not be allowed back in until 4:00 pm except for display vehicles on site as part of the festival.

This a Smoke Free Event