Hills Billy Carts Inc – Billy Cart Technical Requirements. 


This is an event for Billy Carts (Unpowered) of the following configuration,  


The Cart: – 

  1. Shall, with driver not exceed 66.6kgs for the Little Devils Class, 100kg for Class A, 130kgs Class B, 160kgs Class C. All carts and driver configurations over 160 kg to register in the Class D. 
  2. Shall have as its only form of propulsion gravity, on the event downward sloping course. 
  3. May have 3 or 4 road wheels (minimum wheel size 250mm) that must be rubber tyre’s and no greater than 700mm diameter. Rim and Spokes must be metallic. (if a 3 wheeled design, the single wheel MUST be at the rear)  
  4. Must have the front wheels steered by metallic mechanical means.
  5. May not be of a steered front axle design.
  6. Finished dimensions must not be longer than 2200mm or wider than 1000mm.
  7. Must have a wheelbase to track ration greater than 1.5:1.
  8. Must be fitted with working effective rear brakes to both wheels capable of holding the Cart on a 30-degree slope or withstand a force equal to 50% of weight of the cart and driver applied horizontally in a forward direction. (May be foot or handle bar operated).
  9. No part of the Cart may be higher than 950mm measured from the ground, except a Roll bar if fitted.
  10. Shall have only one occupant at a time, except Parent assisted Child configurations (Tandem). The minimum age for drivers and or passengers is 6 years old.
  11. Must be occupied by a seated driver who must have their feet in the forward position.
  12. Have a floor of sufficient strength to hold the driver and prevent contact with the road.
  13. Has a seat or seating position designed to minimise driver contact with the rear wheels.
  14. Have a seated driver’s eye level of at least 600mm measured from the ground (except persons less than 1200mm tall) 
  15. Have a ground clearance of greater than 75mm, no sharp protrusions and all fittings and fixtures securely mounted.
  16. Be fitted with a towing eye at the FRONT and REAR with a minimum 30mm hole.
  17. Must have 2 sections for race numbers. A section at the front of the cart for a number plate, forward facing, 200mm wide by 150mm high, for each driver’s entry number. Also, same sized section on Left Side of cart for 2nd number sticker for scoring team to clearly identify.  

The Driver during the event will: –

  1. Wear a correctly fastened, approved bicycle helmet or motorcycle helmet. 
  2. Wear knee, elbow, hand and eye protection. 
  3. Wear closed shoes or boots. 
  4. Make these items available for inspection during cart scrutineering. 
  5. Wear a coloured wristband supplied by the event pit crew at all times.

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